Renee F. RebeloRenée F. Rebelo is an Award winning industry leader, and recognized as one of the top 50 professionals in her field. As a Financial Motivational Speaker and Leading Financial Strategist, Renée’s passion is to assist people, execute strategies and develop solutions that directly support their financial visions. When Renée’s dad died suddenly at the young age of 42 and she watched as her family lost everything, she learned the hard way about why proper financial planning is so important.  This lead her into the financial management industry 20 plus years ago.  Now as a busy independent mom of two teenagers, Renée manages 2 separate businesses and strives to educate, motivate and empower people to achieve financial success.

The founder of Life Coach Financial Strategies, she uses her two plus decades of experience in the financial industry, providing guidance on investments, insurance and financial success strategies.   Renée has helped hundreds of people to organize their financial life and live their financial freedom, giving people peace of mind!  Combining passion with financial education, she exerts considerable influence on the financial planning industry and helps her clients feel confident about the choices they make with their money!

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