Tips for Retirement in Florida

Many people struggle with the idea of what to do in Retirement.  There are many factors when thinking about Retirement.  How much money do you need?  What do you want to do? Where do you want to do it?  Some Canadians want to spend more time at home and with their family.  Others want to travel more and see the world.  Some want the Sun, Sand, Beach and Warmth! This page will focus on those people…the ones who are Florida bound. Or would like to be! Sooooo where to start?  There are many factors but this will help get you started.

Here are some tips that Ontarians should consider when looking at Retirement in Florida~

Where in Florida do you want to be?

 How long do you want to be in Florida?

Will you buy something or rent?

Will you buy a house or a manufactured home?

How will you pay for the rent/purchase?

Did you check with your Auto Insurance provider to ensure you have coverage while out of country?

Here is a short video taken on the beaches of Daytona Beach January 2017 to explain!

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