what people are sayingWe pride ourselves on the quality of our relationships with our clients. Proper financial planning requires candid discussions on many aspects of our clients’ lives. Our genuine concern for their overall well-being and our respect for their privacy let clients feel secure in their communications with us.  

Their full disclosure enables us to do effective financial planning for them. Many of our clients have commented that we are the only financial planner that examines all aspects of their finances on an ongoing basis.  We have had the privilege of working with many wonderful clients. A number of them have been kind enough to provide testimonials for us. 

“I recently was “on air” with Renee Rebelo and was completely awed by her. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who thinks, moves and executes as fast as Renee. She is like an efficient cyclone who gives multi-tasking new meaning.  Since coming to Niagara 8 years ago, Renee has been a constant beacon of support. She has generously introduced me to other business owners in the community, especially like-minded women entrepreneurs. She managed to stick-handle the best room I could have imagined in a resort in Cuba, all the while sending me down with gifts for her Cuban friends who desperately need help.  Renee is a woman who truly helps other women. I have learned over the years that women can be your best friends, or worst enemies and she fits most assuredly in the former group. Renee has offered practical information regarding living and doing business in Niagara, and is always two steps ahead blazing new trails for anyone who can follow her lead.  Renee, you are a joy to know and I am oh-so grateful for your friendship, and the inspiration you provide.  Go forth and conquer. I’ll be cheering from the sidelines and wherever possible, right there with you.” – JB – Barrister

“My wife and I have been clients of Renee Rebelo for over 8 years.  Renee has guided us skillfully through pre-retirement planning and into retirement.  Renee keeps herself up to date on current market trends and is able to provide beneficial recommendations.  I would highly recommend Renee as your financial planner particularly if you are planning retirement.”  PS – Retired, VP Human Resources

“I am nothing but impressed how Renee was able to generate tangible and dramatic improvements to our personal finances within a very short space of time – truly remarkable. She has an acute, and in my opinion rare, ability to see the issues and also to engage her client(s) to make meaningful financial moves that have made a huge positive difference.  GK – Director Project Services

“Renee has a high degree of integrity. She gets to know her clients first and present solutions to fit your needs & objectives. Honest and hard working she only wants the best for her clients and acquaintances alike. She has a high level of technical knowledge and conveys that in a such away to make you feel secure about making informed decisions.” JM – Territory Manager